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Ricardo F. Icaza Workers' Center

UFCW LOCAL 770 is pressing hard to move our agenda of inclusion, fairness, and democracy forward.

One way we are doing this is by creating resources for union members to know their rights, get the legal help they need, and to provide the equity and justice we all deserve, and which is promised to us in the very founding documents of our nation.

After years of research and preparation, your union opened the UFCW Local 770 Workers' Center, one of the first of many efforts to provide you and your brothers and sisters with the support you need both in and out of the workplace.

One of the promises of our Union is to end the conditions that marginalize many in our communities. This center will seek to fulfill that promise by providing hope for those immigrants who wish to come out of the shadows, a center of activism to bring a voice to those denied democracy in their workplace, and a center of justice to restore integrity and equality in our communities.

This is our commitment to the communities we serve and an investment in our movement.

UFCW Local 770's Workers' Center regularly offers important workshops to workers, members, their families and the community such as the ones below:

Through UCAN (the United Citizen Action Network), we provide help with completing citizenship application for eligible card holders.

In the wake of Trump's political campaign that often targeted and scapegoated immigrants, Latinos and Muslim, this workshop will prepare workers with hands-on, in-depth training in the event of a raid at their workplace or home. Workers can learn through role play with police and I.C.E. scenarios. There are also other Know Your Rights workshop that covers workplace safety and wage theft.

In collaboration with the L.A. County Public Defenders’ Office and Neighborhood Legal Services of L.A. County, we help workers begin the process of clearing prior offenses under the provisions of Prop 47. These include not only misdemeanors but also some non-violent felonies.

Please check the Events Calendar below for more information or call (323) 923-2119.


Ricardo F. Icaza Workers’ Center
5400 Pacific Boulevard
Huntington Park, CA 90255