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Negotiations Updates



Consumers are continuing to support us in front of Rite Aid stores, like this one in South Pasadena.


Negotiations are still scheduled for the week of the 27th.

Next week we will be holding a telephone town hall to answer your questions about negotiations and the contract, and to hear your ideas and feedback. Details will follow soon.

Stay strong, stay united!


Yesterday Rite Aid and Albertsons mutually canceled their proposed merger agreement.

This means there will be no merger vote this week, and for all practical purposes there will be no merger between Rite Aid and Albertsons.

Rite Aid has stated publicly their next board meeting will be in October.

What does this mean?

Rite Aid negotiations will continue.

Rite Aid canceled next week’s negotiation dates, and our next negotiation session is now set for the week of the 27th of August.

We plan to hold a telephone town hall before those negotiations to update members. Dates and instructions will be finalized and distributed next week.


New consumer polling results available.

Last week your Union conducted public opinion polling around some of the busiest stores in Southern California.

The results are overwhelmingly in our favor, and show that consumers support us in our efforts to get a fair contract. In fact, the results are decisive in showing consumers support us not only in spirit, but will honor our strike in large numbers if necessary.

  •  When asked who consumers trust more for information about our contract, 88% of consumers with an opinion say union Rite Aid employees, and only 12% trust Rite Aid management.
  •  When asked if we should get full time hours and affordable health care, 91% of consumers with an opinion say yes. Only 9% disagree.
  • 69% say they would not cross our picket lines, and 60% say they would transfer their prescriptions until the strike is over.

These are remarkable statistics, and show that our unity in rejecting the unfair Rite Aid management offer is shared by Rite Aid’s own customers.

We will be releasing these numbers to the press shortly, but wanted to make sure you had them first.

Remember: stand together and stand strong. Our unity will pay dividends in this contract.


Who do you trust?

Rite Aid’s tricky lawyers?

Or your fellow members and elected union negotiators?

Rite Aid management wants to fool you.

That’s why they sent a private anti-union lawyer to negotiations instead of their management.

So don’t believe the misleading lawyer lies they keep handing out. Here are the facts:

Their proposed plan would:

  • Cut full-time employees by 25%
  •  Make it harder to get health care benefits
  •  Exclude most employees from wage increases (notice their use of the word “eligible” every time they talk about raises – lawyer tricks.)
  •  Give them the power to change benefits whenever they want
  •  Take away health care benefits from retiree senior citizens, leaving them with nothing. (notice this is never mentioned in their communications)

The union talked to Rite Aid’s lawyer negotiator after our vote rejecting this bad offer, and told them we want to meet – but only if they get serious about a real, fair plan.

That means a plan without tricks, cuts, and takeaways. We are aggressively trying to schedule those meetings now.

We’ve got your back. If we stand together, we’ll win. We will keep you updated about any developments.


 Overwhelming rejection of RA management offer sends a strong message

We have advised management of our Union’s overwhelming rejection of their cruel and insulting offer.

Additionally, we informed management of our willingness to continue negotiations, but only on the condition they intend to negotiate in good faith and offer a fair contract.

A fair contract should offer wage increases, strengthen our health care and retirement benefits, and protect retirees and seniors who depend on their health care trust benefits.

In other words, we will meet with them when they are ready to sit down and do the hard work of negotiating a fair contract.

We will keep you advised of any developments as they arise.


Rite Aid Workers Overwhelmingly Vote to Reject the Company’s Offer and Authorize their Union to Strike if Deemed Necessary

  • UFCW Local 770 Members Overwhelmingly Vote “No” to a Draconian Rite Aid Proposal that Imposes Unattainable Wage Increases and Eliminates Health Care Benefits for Retirees

In a decisive display of union power and unity, an overriding majority of Rite Aid employees who are members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union Local 770 voted Friday to reject management’s contract offer. The corporate proposal makes it almost impossible for employees to attain wage increases, eliminates wage protections for pharmacists, and cruelly strips retirees of health care benefits promised to them in their retirement, leaving them without coverage in their old age.
The company’s offer includes a so-called wage increase of 75 cents for each worker but applies unattainable conditions which guarantee that virtually no employees will actually get a raise, and those few that do will be forced to pay more than 80% of that raise right back to Rite Aid in the form of health care premiums. 
Workers in top rate won’t be able to receive the raise. Instead, their pay will be “frozen”, which means that their wages will remain the same for the entire life of the contract.
If workers receive any minimum wage increase during the calendar year or if they receive an increase based on seniority, the 75-cent raise does not apply to them either. Under these draconian conditions, almost no workers will qualify for a raise.  
The company’s offer also eliminates the current health plan and bans the union from any oversight of workers benefits. It strips healthcare from all current and future retirees. That means seniors who worked their whole careers for Rite Aid will lose health benefits immediately when the contract goes into effect.

“I am a single person who supports myself. I have no other source of income to cover health care benefits and this change would be devastating to me. I worked for Rite Aid for 22 years and I am counting on this benefit during my retirement,” says Dolores Alvarez, a retired clerk.

Denice Gibson, a pharmacy technician for 37 years currently working at a store in Van Nuys, states: “I do not want the company health benefits. I want Union benefits for all employees.”
“This year Rite Aid decided they will only pay pharmacists 25 cents more and new pharmacists a lot less,” said Weikang Peng, a pharmacist with Rite Aid for 17 years. “This is unacceptable to us and we are ready to fight”
Carmen Ulloa is a single mother who has worked for 14 years as a shift supervisor at a Rite Aid in Sherman Oaks. Ulloa points out that the company’s proposal prevents workers from receiving wage increases. “Things such as bills are already a struggle. We are struggling to get by and a raise in healthcare plans would harm hundreds.” 
Rite Aid Corporation is one of the nation's leading drugstore chains that operates more than 4,500 stores. In 2017, the company reported annual revenues of $32.8 billion. Rite Aid and it’s shareholders stand to make $24 billion dollars in their pending merger with Albertsons. But their offer to their employees is nothing but a bait and switch for current employees and a cruel and immoral attack on senior citizens.


You win: after you and your union stood up to Rite Aid, they restored stools to pharmacy employees. This is what happens when we stand together and demand dignity and respect on the job.

Keep up the fight! Your vote today to reject Rite Aid's insulting offer is just another opportunity to show them how united we are.

When we stand together, WE WIN!



Stay united. Stay strong. Stay informed! 

Rite Aid corporate offer would eliminate healthcare for all current AND future retirees. That means seniors who worked their whole careers for Rite Aid will lose health benefits with no chance of replacing them.

Rite Aid and it’s shareholders stand to make $24 billion dollars in their pending merger with Albertsons. But their offer to their employees is nothing but a bait and switch for current employees and a cruel and immoral attack on senior citizens.

It proposes wage increases that few employees, if any, will ever receive and proposes weakening healthcare for current employees and eliminating benefits for the most vulnerable.

Stand together and REJECT this terrible contract offer from Rite Aid management and their tricky lawyers.

On Friday, July 27, vote to REJECT this insulting deal.


The Rite Aid ripoff 
Management gives final offer, unless we vote to authorize a strike.

The corporate lawyers for Rite Aid pushed their final, deceptive offer across the bargaining table Friday.

They think they can trick you with a bait-and-switch. They think they can dangle a fake raise in front of you while they take away your and retiree’s health care.

In fact, virtually no members will actually get a raise, and those few that do will be forced to pay more than 80% of that raise right back to Rite Aid. Rite Aid’s tricky lawyers hid that in the legalese.

Here’s the deal the Rite Aid corporate lawyers think they can fool you with:

  • Eliminates and closes down the current health care plan, and bans the union from any oversight of your benefits.
  • Forces you into a one-size-fits-all plan controlled 100% by the company, a plan they can change or eliminate any time they want, however they want without your input or approval.
  • There is no HMO option. No PPO option. No Kaiser option. You get what Rite Aid decides to give you. You will have no say.
  • But guess what: you still have to pay your premiums. The difference? Your premium goes directly into Rite Aid’s pocket instead of your health care plan.
  • Immediately eliminates all health care benefits for current and future retirees. That’s right – people who worked their lives for Rite Aid and depend on their benefits lose them immediately, the day after this is implemented.
  • The so-called “raises”: if you get a minimum wage increase during the calendar year, you don’t get a raise. If you get a longevity increase, you don’t get a raise. Virtually no workers will get this raise.  Almost all workers are affected by these two things.
  • If you are at the top rate, your pay is frozen – no raise for you the entire life of the contract.
  • Even if you are one of the company’s chosen few who get a raise, your health care premium payment that goes directly to Rite Aid will consume 83% of the hourly increase. That means you are rebating your raise right back to the company.
  • Rite Aid already did this in Seattle and Washington State, and they screwed their employees again and again once they got them on the company plan.

The Rite Aid corporation thinks you aren’t smart enough to figure this out. They think they can pull one over on you. 

They’re laughing at you, like a used car dealer who just ripped off a customer with a lemon.

They don’t respect you enough to give you a fair deal. Show them you have dignity enough to reject a terrible, insulting deal like this.

Know that you’re not alone. Your fellow Rite Aid members are with you, as well as the 30,000 members of Local 770.

On Friday, July 27, vote to REJECT this insulting deal.


We continue to meet with the Rite Aid corporate representatives about your contract. Despite our attempts to bargain in good faith, the corporation continues to attack union workers’ dignity, this time in the pharmacy department.

The attempt to roll back our health care and hourly guarantees was almost enough, but now the corporate management is banning stools in the pharmacy department for pharmacists and techs who are working on prescriptions.

Why? Because they can. If you needed any other proof they cannot be trusted alone with your health care or hours, this is it. Small insults like this are indicators of a lack of respect and communication with employees.


The truth about Rite Aid Corporation’s offer

Management is trying to confuse you.

Here are the facts about changing your healthcare:

  1. It raises the minimum hourly requirement to 30, a 25% increase in hours needed to qualify for health care. 
  2. At the same time, the plan slashes the number of positions that guarantee at least 30 hours by 25% - eliminating eligibility for a lot of members.
  3. Prevents your Union from participating in the administration of the plan and protecting your interests.
  4. Allows the company to change the plan whenever and however they want – even right after the contract is signed.

This is the issue: our current plan gives you a voice and security in your health care, and makes it easier to qualify for benefits.

Their plan eliminates your voice and makes it much harder to get eligible.

That’s the difference. It’s a bad deal.


The Rite Aid corporation’s contract offer did not substantially change. It is still bad for members:

  • Insulting wage proposal 
  • Eliminates full-time positions
  • Eliminates health care for up to 70% of employees

The company management refuses to be fair with you and your contract.

Despite pursuing a hugely profitable $24 billion merger with mega-grocery giant Albertson’s, Rite Aid is still trying to take away fair pay, health care benefits, and hours.

Further negotiations are scheduled for later next week. Your union is exploring methods to force management to the table with a fair agreement. 

Stay tuned for notices about meetings, new updates, and an opportunity to make your voice heard in this fight.

Follow this link to find dates and times of actions at the stores and opportunities to make your voice heard.

Stay united. Stay strong. 


Today Rite Aid gave us their most recent economic and language proposal which will devastate our current contract.

  • Rite Aid has essentially proposed a wage freeze
  • Company health plan - worse healthcare that is more expensive
  • Reduce the amount of full time positions in the store
  • Only $.25 wage increase for pharmacists
  • Fewer protections against layoffs

Talk to your Union Rep for more information and to get involved. 

Get ready to fight back. 


We have held 3 meetings with Rite Aid management about your next contract.

•    Your unity will determine our success at the bargaining table
•    Health care, full-time status and job security are the main issues

Management wants to take away your union health care plan and put you into a plan they control instead. This plan would require you to work 30 hours a week to simply qualify for benefits.

Management wants to take away more of your hours, and cut full-time employees by 25%.

These demands are unacceptable. How do we respond? STAND TOGETHER!

Under no circumstances will we allow the company to take away your health care plan. Management makes this proposal all the time, and we stop them. If we stick together we can defeat this again.

We are trying to increase wages, protect health care, increase your scheduling notice, and ensure more flexibility for part-timers. These are our goals, and if we stand united, we can achieve them.

Rite Aid Negotiation Update 5/16/2018

On 5/15, less than one week prior to the long scheduled 5/21 start date for bargaining, Rite Aid canceled the meeting and said they were not prepared to begin. This is the second cancelation. We are now scheduled to begin June 1.  Your Union has been requesting dates since late March.

We are disappointed by this delay by Rite Aid.  Rite Aid members work hard under stressful conditions.  Our goal is to conclude negotiations by contract expiration date of July 14.  These repeated cancelations will make that difficult.

Your union is prepared to meet frequently in the next month and to negotiate a good contract for our Rite Aid members.  We hope Rite Aid management will recognize your hard work and dedication and stop delaying and begin scheduling dates.  

We will update this site as more information becomes available.  Stay strong and united for a good contract.  

What you need to know about the Rite Aid/Albertsons merger

As you may have heard, the parent company of Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions is potentially merging with Rite Aid.

What does that mean for employees?

In the short term, probably no changes for employees. Your union is working right now to find out more. Our leaders, attorneys, and others are on the job.

Importantly, our contract remains in place and has provisions that protect you if your company is purchased.

When will we know?

As soon as your union has more answers from management, we will communicate directly with you. We are aware and actively monitoring the situation.

What about my job?

Your union will do everything possible to protect your and others jobs. Right now the best strategy is to keep working and look out for updates from us.

How can I get more information?

If you need more information or want to check on our status, you can call or talk to your union representative (find their contact info here: or call Local 770 us at 213-487-7070.

We will provide information as we get it.

Remember – we’re stronger when we stand together.



Food 4 Less / FoodsCo Members Ratify New Agreement with Wage Increases, Hours Guarantees and Maintenance of Health Care and Retirement Benefits


Food 4 Less / FoodsCo members stood together for months to achieve a new Agreement that contains:


· Significant wage increases for all workers – equal to or better than those agreed to by Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons:

· Top rate increases for Warehouse Clerks, Meat Cutters, and Service Clerks (total $0.85) equal to industry standard.
· General Clerks move to APC Clerk with a total top increase of $1.05.
· Combining Meat and Service Clerks results in an immediate $0.55 increase for Meat Clerks ($1.10 total increase over 3 years
· The largest total wage increases of any contract we’ve negotiated in the retail food industry!!

· Reduced gap between F4L checkers and Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons checkers - We will continue to fight to close this gap in future negotiations. Combining General Clerks and future Warehouse Clerks in one classification eliminates distinction between checkers and stockers – a distinction that does not exist in conventional agreement. This is a necessary step in making the Food 4 Less contract more like the conventional stores agreement.

· Increased protections for Warehouse Clerks’ monthly take-home pay,

· No changes to medical and pension benefits.

· “Municipalities” (City/County of Los Angeles) added to the minimum wage side letter resulting in large increases ($2.50 or more) for most employees in the progression steps. UFCW pushed for minimum wage increases a few years ago to drive up wages for all workers covered by our contracts.


We reached a tentative agreement with Food 4 Less/FoodsCo. Ratification meetings to vote on the proposal will be held on October 17th. Thank you for Standing Together! Details of the contract will be available for members to review and approve at the October 17th ratification meeting.

Logramos un acuerdo tentativo con Food 4 Less/FoodsCo. Las juntas de ratificación para votar sobre la propuesta serán el 17 de Octubre. ¡Gracias por Mantenerse Unidos! Los detalles del contrato estarán disponibles para que los miembros los revisen y aprueben en la junta de ratificación del 17 de Octubre.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 All-Day Voting (8 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Martes 17 de Octubre, 2017 – Votación de Todo el Día (8 a.m. a 7 p.m.)