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Local 770 Stewards


The shop steward holds a special place in any union. At the worksite, the steward is the union - the union's link between the members and management.

Stewards are the members' first line of defense when the contract is violated and grievances arise, as well as being responsible for ensuring worksite safety, mobilizing members for contract/political/organizing campaigns, orienting new members to the worksite and the union, and more.

Your job as a steward is more than just a list of duties. Stewards play both offense and defense. Your chief responsibility is building an educated, united, organized, and involved membership at your worksite.

In addition to the stewards' special responsibility, they also have a special authority that is protected by law and the union contract. As a steward, you deal with management as an equal. It is a violation of federal law for your employer to discriminate or retaliate against you for fulfilling your steward duties.

Because of the importance of stewards, we are making it a priority to grow and strengthen our steward network