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Member Services

Workers' Compensation Rights
Gordon, Edelstein, Krepack, Grant, Felton & Goldstein
· Information regarding workplace injuries
· Free case evaluation


Availability Status
Food/Meat Divisions
· Changing from the "Self Restricted" list to the "Available" list is only possible during the last seven days of January and the last seven days of July.
· Changing from the "Available" list to the "Self Restricted" list can be done at any time but invokes future status change restrictions. Your Union Representative should be contacted for contract specifics.


Contract Copies

Download your contract

If you don't see your contract, please contact your Union Representative.

Credit Union

Rancho Federal Union offers full-service financial products including loans, checking, savings, investment and money management services you would find at a bank, but with one major difference. They operate not-for-profit, but as a service to our members.


Dues and Initiation Fee Payments
- Pay your membership initiation fees and/or monthly dues using your Visa or Mastercard online with our secured site. You must register and sign on as a member on our Members Only Area.


Information Changes
All Members
· New address, name, telephone, Social Security Number. Keep your Union updated.


Insurance Forms
Drug Division · Food Division
· Requested insurance forms will be mailed (USPS) to members.


Interrogation Rights (Self Print)
All Members · Rights Statement · Worker Rights Advisory
· Why and how to protect yourself in the event Employer security officials want to "interview" you.


Members Only Area
- Local 770's Members Only Area
is a secured site created to enhance services and communication between UFCW770 and our members. Local 770's Members Only Area can provide up to date information specifically related to your employer and your contract. When you register, you can also purchase discounted theme park and movie tickets using your Visa or Mastercard online. You can also pay your dues and initiation fees with your Visa or Mastercard online. Eventually we hope to provide numerous avenues for you to provide feedback to us as well as a method for you to access information related specifically to your employer and your contract. You must be a current, active members to gain access.


Pre-select Physician (Self Print)
All Members · Form · Worker Rights Advisory
· To be used to inform your employer of your preference of doctors for treatment of on the job injuries.


Rite Aid Pharmacists (Self Print)
· Schedule Preferences.
· Sixth Day Overtime Waiver.
· Sunday Lunch Prescription Fill Pay Claim.
· It is advisable to keep a copy of any submitted form for your own records.


Seniority Grievance (Self Print)
Food / Meat Divisions
· To be used to claim the entire schedule of a less senior member given more hours.
· "Self Restricted" members can only claim schedules of others within the same status.
· A copy must be give to management within 48 hours of the schedule being posted.
· Providing a signed copy to your Union Representative is required.
· Claimants should also leave a voice mail message for their Representative.

Filling out this form does not constitute filing a grievance. We DO NOT accept or conduct grievances of any nature by Email.


Tickets to Theme Parks and Movie Theatres
- Purchase special discounted "Member's Only" theme park and movie tickets using your Visa or Mastercard online. You must register and sign on as a member on our secure Members Only Area. Tickets will be mailed directly to your home. Take advantage of special negotiated prices for Local 770 members only! Ticket price list.


UFCW Apparel

Show your support for the UFCW by purchasing quality union made products from the UFCW Online Store


Transfer Status
All Members
· To be requested for transfers outside of Local 770's jurisdiction.


Transfer Notice
All Members
· To be sent to notify your Union of transfers between locations WITHIN Local 770's jurisdiction.


Withdrawal Status
All Members
· To be requested when leaving the industry or for transfers outside of Southern California.