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UFCW Attends Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions Delegate Conference

On August 25 to 27, UFCW International President Marc Perrone and 123 delegates from UFCW Locals 7, 21, 27, 135, 324, 400, 555, 770, 1428 and 1996 attended the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions Delegate Conference in Portland, Ore. The purpose of the conference was to build solidarity and strength among the coalition with the end goal of negotiating strong contracts with Kaiser Permanente.

The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, AFL-CIO, is a federation of 29 locals from the UFCW and 10 other international unions that represent 120,000 union members. The UFCW represents 11,600 Kaiser Permanente employees, most of whom are professional or technical workers. UFCW Locals 1167 and 1442 also represent Kaiser Permanente workers, but were not able to attend the conference.

President Perrone spoke at the conference, and emphasized the importance of working together to secure strong contracts and improve health care for our members at Kaiser Permanente and those they care for.

“If there is ever a doubt about how important this coalition is or of the value our members offer every single day, let us never forget this: You are the ones that give hope, where too often there is none. You provide comfort and care at our most vulnerable times,” Perrone said.

“It is not politicians or policymakers who make a difference in the lives of others who are suffering from the pains and ills that imperil so many millions. It is us. It is this coalition. It is this diverse union family. We are the ones who have accepted the responsibility to stand together. To work together. To believe in each other, and to unite together to better the lives of those whom we care for, and all our Kaiser members – across every one of our unions. The responsibility of caring for others and for our members is not a responsibility that is borne by one union, any union leader, or even Kaiser itself. It is a responsibility that must be shared and respected.”

Diane Bertell

It is with deep regret that we inform you of former Local 770 Union Representative and Vice President Diane Bertell’s passing on June 23, 2017. Diane died after a long, and courageous struggle with cancer.

Diane started her dedicated career with Local 770 in January 1975 and retired October 2012. She was the Special Services Department Supervisor and retired as Kaiser Union Representative and top strategist with the Kaiser Coalition.

Our hearts go out to Diane Bertell’s family.




Kaiser Permanente Performance Sharing Program
April 20, 2016  Update - PSP Bonuses Secured!
Congratulations! We showed what Union solidarity looks like. Because we raised our voices—50,000-strong in the Southern California region—each full-time Coalition union-represented employee will receive upwards to $900 in a special payment in lieu of the 2015 Performance Sharing Program (PSP) bonus.
This is a much better solution than the employer’s original offer of a special payment of $215 dollars per employee in lieu of the payout for the PSP—which we bargained in the National Agreement to recognize and reward the hard work that our frontline workers put into KP’s growth and reputation for excellent care and service.
In the next Friday paycheck, April 29, 2016, the employer will make a one-time payment of:
  • $900 for employees who work 1800 or more eligible hours in a year
  • $500 for employees who work 500 to 1,799 eligible hours
  • $250 for (per-diem) employees who work less than 500 eligible hours
You didn’t hesitate, through petitions, stickers, letters and calls, to send the message that you contributed to Kaiser’s 2015 successes. For almost 20 years, the members of the Coalition Unions and Local 770,  have stuck together to win industry-leading wages and benefits—as well as maintain the best workplace and the best care. Thank you for stepping up and speaking out, just like you do each day on behalf of Kaiser Permanente members and patients.

March 31, 2016  (PSP Bonus Update)
On March 28th, UFCW and the Coalition of affected unions met again with Kaiser regarding the PSP bonus issue. Kaiser’s latest offer to our members was $500. We rejected their offer and told them that their offer did not reward our members appropriately for their 2015 performance - while other non-represented members and some departments of management did receive their bonus for their their performance.  
UFCW remains determined to achieve a FAIR performance payout for our union members. The idea behind the performance payout is simple. We work hard, our organization is remarkably successful, and we should all share fairly in that success.
We worked very hard every day of 2015, helping our region achieve:

• A whopping $564 million operating margin
• Even greater success in service and quality than in 2014
• All while we served more members than ever before.

We did our part, and now management has to do their part. It’s not complicated.
To win a fair performance payout, we need to keep sharing our message. We have developed an escalation plan to continue to put pressure on Kaiser to fairly compensate our members for the work they have done. We will be communicating the details of that plan shortly.
In the meantime, stay strong, stay united and spread this message broadly.  Our brothers and sisters at the UFCW Western States Council, UFCW's Political and Legislative Council have joined in our fight and to help spread the word.  For information go to

Update 03/17/2016

Thank you to those of you who signed the Kaiser (PSP) Performance Sharing Program online petition. 
On Monday, the delegation was successful in getting Kaiser's attention by delivering thousands of petitions to Kaiser management.  As a result of your efforts, we now have meetings scheduled with management to discuss and address our demands. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more information.
The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions met yesterday with Kaiser Permanente to discuss the 2015 payout for the Performance Sharing Program (PSP) in the Southern California region.  Kaiser Permanente informed us that 
“due to unforeseen expenses that occurred late last year, the necessary financial gate for a bonus did not open.”  As a result, there is no payout for 2015. 
In lieu of the PSP payout, Kaiser Permanente offered a “special payment” of $215 dollars per Coalition-union represented employee.  Local 770 and the Coalition strongly disagree with this approach for our union members. You are the driving force behind the growth of Kaiser Permanente and the growth of our union.  Thus, we believe that the people who make Kaiser Permanente successful should be rewarded appropriately.
Coalition Union leaders will continue to discuss the matter with Kaiser Permanente management and keep our union members informed.
Click the links below to download pay scale infromation for Union Kaiser employees.

New Tentative Agreement Reached

After 10 weeks of bargaining, our Union Coalition bargaining team emerged at 6 am Saturday, June 6, with a tentative agreement for our best-ever national contract. The nearly 150 union, management and physician representatives approved the tentative three-year package. The agreement now goes to a Union Delegate Conference for endorsement on June 16, then to our 28 Coalition local unions for ratification and to Kaiser Permanente senior leadership for its approval.

CW Members Join Other Unions for Leadership Workshops and Trainings at Kaiser Conference

Members from UFCW Locals 7, 27, 135, 324, 400, 555, 770, 1428, and 1996 attended the annual Union Delegate Conference for Kaiser Permanente workers in San Jose, Calif. The theme of the conference, which took place April 13-15, was “Walk, Talk, Lead Change.” There, UFCW members attended workshops on leadership roles in the workplace.
UFCW members are part of the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, which includes nearly 100,000 members from 30 different unions. The coalition was formed in 1997 as a way to transform the relationship between workers and managers. The partnership involves workers, managers, and physicians in a joint decision-making and problem-solving process that is based on common interests from all parties. Workers covered by the partnership include registered nurses, pharmacists, maintenance and service workers, technicians, psychologists, lab scientists, and many others.
The Union Delegate Conference is also an opportunity for UFCW members to participate in collective bargaining with other unions who are part of the coalition. The entire coalition bargains together as a whole for their contract. Next year, the Union Delegate Conference will focus on collective bargaining and negotiations for their new contract since the current one is set to expire in July 2015.

Results of the Kaiser Contract Votes
Friday, June 21, 2012

Clinical Lab Scientists - Overwhelmingly Approved!
Pharmacy - Overwhelmingly Approved!

Kern County -All - Overwhelmingly Approved!
Kern Administrative Specialists -Overwhelmingly Approved!

Please contact your Union Representative if you have any questions.






Tentative agreement reached between Kaiser and the Coalition of Unions
Friday, May 11, 2012

We are pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached between Kaiser and the Coalition of Unions, including UFCW. Details of the agreement will be released at the Delegate Conference on Saturday May 19. Following the delegates’ conference meeting notices and voting information will be sent to all UFCW Kaiser Members.

This settlement resulted from strong union solidarity and we appreciate all members who participated by wearing stickers and showing their support.

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KP and Union Coalition leaders open talks - LMP
Nearly 400 members of the Common Issues Committee, observers from the unions, managers, staff and facilitators gathered March 6 in Los Angeles to kick-off negotiations for a new National Agreement. This is the fifth round of national bargaining since the Labor Management Partnership was created in 1997. These talks are likely to be the largest labor contract talks in the United States this year.

Fundamental to these negotiations is interest-based bargaining, which is significantly different from traditional contract negotiations. “Because we take the time to understand each others’ interests, we have much better outcomes in the end,” said Bernard Tyson, president and chief operating officer.

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April 27, 2012

April 13, 2012

March 30, 2012

March 9, 2012



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